Research Project

Just like individuals, our interests are unique. The Research Project gives students the opportunity to research topics that interest them​ from a Francophone perspective.  Students start with a broad topic such as food, art, music, or culture, and then narrow their interests down to something manageable to research and present their findings.

We will spend all year researching and developing the research projects in the library and in the labs. No student should have to work on their project at home if class time is utilized effectively.  Only students who choose to make a physical object or who decide to cook should have to spend out of class time on a project.

Students who talk to the teacher, ask questions, and take conference time seriously are the most successful on the Research Project. The project is also a component of the reflection portfolio.

Research Project Guidelines

The TCHS French Program is located at Tuscaloosa County High School in the Tuscaloosa County School System.

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