Class Library

The French program maintains a classroom library of French language resources including children's books, leveled readers, and classic French literature. We also have books in English on French history and Francophone culture. Students can also find reference materials such as bilingual dictionaries and old textbooks. The Frenchl language books are used for in-class reading during FVR, and all books are available to be checked-out and read at home.

Former students and alumni are welcome to contact Mme Davis and set-up an account to utilize our library resources.

Browse the library catalog here.

Many thanks go to our school librarians, Amanda Beardsley and Joy Black, for helping find resources and providing general library advice. Also, special thanks to Diane Davis (Mme's mother) for providing the furniture in our reading nooks.

Pictures of our library...

The TCHS French Program is located at Tuscaloosa County High School in the Tuscaloosa County School System.

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