Lesson Plans and Make-Up Work

Students in the French program have full access to the teacher's lesson plans, especially when they are absent to complete make up work.

Link to Lesson Plans

Link to Make-Up Work Key

Students are allowed to make-up work, but they are responsible for checking the website. They may look at the lesson plans and find the activity/activities that they missed. Then they may go to the lesson plan key, and find the corresponding make-up activity. Please follow these procedures:


  1. Look at Inow and find the appropriate date. Then look for the corresponding date in the lesson plan folder.

  2. Find the name of the classwork activity and complete the corresponding make-up activity. If the activity is not listed see Mme.

  3. Complete the activity and write make-up for the date that is recorded in the gradebook. Remember-you are telling me where you want the points to go.

  4. Know that you will not receive the same level of rich language via make-up work that you would in class, so only miss class for unavoidable reasons.

The TCHS French Program is located at Tuscaloosa County High School in the Tuscaloosa County School System.

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