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Reflective Learning is the process of letting students look at their work and their progress to think critically about what it means to be a learner and theorize ways to improve their learning outcomes. In this class, we will spend time developing our reflective practices through small daily reflective exits slips and reflective essays at the end of each 9 weeks. These reflections, as well as class assignments and assessments, will be collected and kept in a folder. At the end of the year, each student will create a reflective learner portfolio where they describe and analyze their experience as a learner of French and as a language learner in general.

We will spend all year cultivating our portfolio in the library and in the labs. A large portion of the last nine-weeks grading period will be spent in class writing, editing, and compiling evidence in the portfolio. No student should have to work on their portfolio at home if class time is utilized effectively.

Link to Student Folder 2017-2018

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Link to Student Folder 2016-2017


The TCHS French Program is located at Tuscaloosa County High School in the Tuscaloosa County School System.

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