About the French Program

The TCHS French program offers four levels of French instruction that focus on building proficiency in listening and reading which lead to proficiency in speaking and writing. The program also explores the French speaking world and looks at ways to incorporate French into students' daily lives.

French classes are conducted using Comprehensible Input to build proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. That means that class is focused on language INPUT. Students listen to creative and engaging stories and even co-create characters and situations. The French program also has a classroom library so that we can engage in Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) twice a week. These books are also available to be checked out and read at home. Each level also reads two level-appropriate novels each year as a class.

Personally, I believe that all students can learn a second (or third) language, and that teaching with comprehensible input is the best method to ensure that students not only learn another language, but also, create a classroom environment where students can gain confidence and academic skills that will spread to other areas of their lives.

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The TCHS French Program is located at Tuscaloosa County High School in the Tuscaloosa County School System.

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